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Our Impact

With wins in more than a dozen states, the Debt Free Justice campaign strives to eliminate the unfair and unjust practice of imposing fees and fines on youth nationwide. 

When we act as a community, we make progress across the entire nation.

Debt Free Justice is the only campaign that’s leading a national effort to support those who are actively advocating for policy change to abolish fees and fines in the juvenile legal system. 

This campaign came together because three partner organizations were doing similar work to abolish fees and fines in their states. Together, they created Debt Free Justice to make a larger impact. With a national campaign like Debt Free Justice, it would be possible to help make change across the nation rather than just in their respective states.

Abolishing Youth Fees & Fines Across the Country

Each year, our campaign gains momentum, which means there is more legislative action across the U.S. calling to abolish fees and fines in the juvenile legal system. Below you’ll see the current status of reform. We also have maps indicating our progress since 2015 when our work started. The majority of reforms described here impact the juvenile legal system. Some legislation reflected in this map also impacts youth in the adult system or the dependency system.

Working Together for the Greatest Impact

We’re working to protect children and our next generation. Every child deserves to have a bright future free from the trauma and financial burden created by the practice of juvenile fees and fines. 

Make an Account, Make an Impact

When you make an account, you’re joining our network of advocates working to abolish fees and fines in the juvenile legal system. You’ll have the ability to add your organization to our directory and submit content that will support other advocates.