Getting the State Out of Our Pockets: Eliminating Fines and Fees in the State of Kansas

by Nykia Gatson

In the state of Kansas, we are confronted with a significant issue affecting numerous young people—the burden of fines and fees. This burden, particularly for those already experiencing poverty, has far-reaching implications. Given Kansas's elevated childhood poverty rate, imposing fines and fees on families grappling with financial difficulties appears counterproductive and detrimental to the well-being of children and families.

Through my research, I have uncovered compelling evidence of how fines and fees detrimentally impact the financial, physical, and emotional well-being of families and communities. This work aims to empower those affected by fines and fees, offering a renewed sense of liberty and hope.

This ongoing research proposal marks the beginning of a transformative journey towards creating a new paradigm—one where young individuals can thrive while being #DebtFree.