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In 2017, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners adopted a resolution from the Director of Corrections that eliminated house arrest fees. To learn more or join the campaign, contact us at [email protected].
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In partnership with Progeny, Debt Free Justice successfully hosted its first community listening session in Wichita, Kansas. We had close to 40 system-impacted youth and advocates discuss how fees and fines have impacted their lives. Learn more about our Debt Free Justice Campaign and our state and national coalition partners in Kansas.

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Twenty-year-old Nykia Gatson first entered the Kansas juvenile justice system for stealing when she was just 10 years old. While she was imprisoned, both of her parents passed away, leaving her without a guardian. To cover the costs associated with her detention, Nykia says the state took child support payments out of the social security death benefits she received when her mother died. 

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Progeny Speaks Out: Kansas' Youth Justice System Set Up for Failure

Progeny, one of our Debt Free Justice partners in the criminal justice reform movement, has been making waves in the news lately. In this Kansas...
System-Impacted Youth
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Dion Armour

Dion Amour, a 14-year-old in Wichita, Kansas, is on probation and wearing an ankle monitor. She works with a therapist four times a week and is trying...
System-Impacted Youth
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Sierra Jones

Sierra’s journey with the justice system began at the young age of 11. Still, at the age of 37, that trauma sits with her today. A misdemeanor as a...
Portrait of Desmond Bryant

Desmond Bryant

Des the Poet is a three-time published author of poetry compilation projects titled "Adoer," "No Excuses," and his latest, "Better Days In 90 Days...
Portrait of Marquetta Atkins

Marquetta Atkins

Marquetta is a community educator who brings her passion for working with youth and her creative energy to the table as a facilitator. For years she...
System-Impacted Youth
Portrait of Adonijah Metcalf

Ado'Nijah Zaire Metcalf

Ado’Nijah Zaire Metcalf, 23, recalls tickets and court fee invoices arriving in the mail while his mom worked two jobs to try to pay them off and feed...
System-Impacted Youth
Portrait of Kristen Powell

Kristen Powell

Kristen Powell entered the justice system for the first time when she was 13 years old after she ran away from home to escape a difficult situation...
System-Impacted Youth
Portrait of Dante Brinston

Dante Bristow

Dante Bristow, 23, was raised by a single mother in Wichita, Kansas. As a child, he remembers his household would start to run out of food toward the...