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A Future Shouldn't Be Fined

Debt Free Justice is the only campaign working to abolish juvenile fees and fines.

Youth fines and fees are harmful, unjust, and have lifelong consequences.

At every point in the juvenile justice system, a young person can be charged fees for an electronic ankle monitor, detention, probation supervision, and even a public defender. These fees and fines disproportionately impact Black, Brown, and Indigenous people who are over-represented and over-punished in the justice system. 
There are other ways to fund the juvenile justice system that are not harmful, and need to be implemented nationwide. 

The Cruel System of Juvenile Fines and Fees

Impacted individuals, their loved ones, and advocates speak about the debilitating effects of juvenile fees and fines and what our campaign is doing to address this problem. 

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Stories Can Change a System

Abandoned, abused, and incarcerated; Aiden is an 18-year-old survivor preparing to build a family and rebuild his life. The only thing holding him back is the juvenile justice system, which has burdened him with thousands of dollars of debt.

End This Practice, Join Our Campaign

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