Investing in Second Chances for Returning Citizens

Every year, millions of individuals are released from incarceration and rejoin society. However, their challenges in rebuilding their lives and reintegrating into their communities can be overwhelming. It is why April is celebrated as Second Chance Month to raise awareness about the importance of supporting individuals returning from incarceration and providing them with opportunities to build a better future.

Second Chance Month allows communities, agencies, and individuals across the country to come together and recognize their role in supporting returning citizens' safe and successful reentry. It provides an opportunity to highlight how state, local, and tribal governments and community organizers can build meaningful second chances for returning citizens.  

The impact of reintegration programs goes beyond just helping individuals. These programs also benefit communities by reducing recidivism rates, promoting public safety, and creating a more just and equitable society. By providing returning citizens the tools they need to succeed, they become productive members of society and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

In honor of Second Chance Month, we at Debt Free Justice acknowledge that every individual has the right to restore their life and make meaningful contributions to their community. Our advocates know this firsthand, and they have shared their inspiring stories about the transformative power of second chances. Through their work, they help people overcome the financial burdens that often come with involvement in the criminal justice system. By supporting organizations like Debt Free Justice and volunteering and advocating for policies promoting second chances, we can all play a role in creating a more just and equitable society.

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